Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well after staying up until 1am last night chatting in Apple discussions, I decided a post on Macnoob was a necessity. Yes, I am a new editor on macnoob. Matt8chew, a former Mac Specialist at an Apple retail store and a current video editor. I own three macs and one iPhone 1G with 2.0 software.
I have been a .mac owner for exactly a year and thus I was transferred over to mobileME. I did renew a week or so before my membership expired which was before the .mac/mobileME changeover.
To say the ME changeover has been rocky is an understatement. In my 7 or 8 years as an apple user this is the worst. Though I must say my contacts are now syncing, calendar is great, and I don't use ME email... thank goodness.
Last night I stayed up until the wee hours of the night talking with people in apple discussions (one, two, three) because at about 10:30 we all ran into the problem that no one could publish their iWeb sites to mobileME. A pop up box appeared that asked us to sign up for mobile me or sign in. After 3 hours or so I just gave up, but some people were very dependent on mobileME for their business. I think at 6am people reported that they were able to publish and throughout today things are fine again.
But that leads me to comment on those who are without their mail and some now have been for 11 days. If I was without my gmail for 11 days, I would be lost. We are of the generation that doesn't make phone calls anymore, we email. Or as I heard yesterday, even email is for old people, now we text and twitter.
Anyway, my final thought goes like this.
Steve (Jobs), buddy, I suggest you fire whoever is in charge of mobileME after the rough times get settled. Someone didn't do their homework. This is not the standard I am used to with Apple, this is a Microsoft Vista type mistake. I know we want to be friends (PC/MAC) but they should learn how we do it not us learn from them.

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