Monday, July 14, 2008

As the dust settles.

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Well, it looks like that the iPhone has landed and the dust is just settling.  Many people waited in line for hours, some got in and out and were talking in minutes, and others got no iPhone at all.

I was really shocked with Apple about this.  This was supposed to be their big day, but man was it a cluster.

I'm not even going to talk about Mobile Me...

It wasn't really my plan to wait a few weeks for the 3G but I'm glad that I am.  I would have been up early hoping to get one and make it to work, and I might have just made it too.  A coworker got one and he had no activation problems while another coworker (though half the country away) got one and couldn't activate till 7 or 8 hours later.

Apple?  Did you not prepare for this?  

I didn't check to see the main reasons of the failure but was it a server issue in where they just got overloaded?  Surely they would have seen that coming.  Was it something bigger?

Why was Mobile Me acting so strange?  Working then not working then working again...

Not cool.

After reading reviews on Gizmodo and other gadget sites, I learned a lot about the 3G.  Their review was very helpful in letting me decide how long I should wait till I get one.

I'm just super excited that when I go to get one, I won't have to wait in line all day!

Although, I went to the mall yesterday just to play with one and there was a 20-30 person line just to get in.  Maybe it's still too early...

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