Monday, May 5, 2008

iPhone Carrier Option Video

iPhone Carrier Option Vid 3 from Mike Petrucci on Vimeo.

iPhone Carrier Option

I received an email late tonight (5/4) from one of my buddies. Well, he also happens to be an iPhone user. Some interesting things happened on his iPhone. I'll copy/paste his story below. I'll let him explain.  Oh, and pics and video are coming soon.  Uploading as I type.


Tonight my phone froze. And when powered back on some interesting results were there.
The photos tell it all.

Description of what happened.
A hard restart was applied.
I powered back on my phone and went to system preferences.
An item appeared just below wifi that read "carrier." The label read AT&T.
Each time I clicked it, it would bring up the thinking wheel and then it would give an error. I wish I would have got a photo of that.
I then proceeded to look for any other new stuff, but found nothing. When I finally went back to system preferences it was gone. Poof!


Update: I was able to recreate what happened, several times. The second time I got options under the carrier. There were two options, but they both read AT&T. At random I chose one of them and the phone gave an error message which then took away my service until another hard restart was applied.

I have no idea if this is news in new of if anyone has experienced this.
Speculate all you want but this is clearly some sort of testing.