Thursday, August 28, 2008

iPod Touch Tips

I made this info for my friend but I thought I'd post it here as well.

iPod Touch Info

Must Have

- Google

- Pandora (streaming music)

- 1337pwn (xbox live friends status, send messages through too)

- Facebook

- MySpace


- Banner Free (scrolling ticker displays what you want)

- Remote (control your iTunes)

- Freebird (a lighter for concerts)

- Cannon Game (Cool NLOS tank game)

- myLite (flashlight with cool presets)


- Evernote (best used on iPhone)

- (streaming music)

- Where (find stuff near you, restaurants, zipcars, starbucks...)

- NBC Traffic Camera (best in bigger cities)

- Twitterific (twitter app)

- Pownce (pownce app)

- Simplify (stream your music from iTunes to your iPod, works best on iPhone)

- Kaleidoscope

- Audi A4 (driving game)

- Subway Lite (puzzle game)

- (streaming music)


How to take a picture of your screen (screen capture)

- Hold the Home button and press the Hold button once. The screen will flash white and the picture will be saved in your Photos. You can email them to get them off.

To move icons to different screens, press and hold on any icon. They will all start to wiggle, now you can drag them and rearrange them.

To add bookmarks to your home page, when you are surfing and you want to bookmark a page, click the "+" icon and instead of just clicking Add Bookmark, click Add to Home Screen. Rearrange as needed.

Check iTunes daily under the All Free Apps as they are updated frequently.

Great links for more info:







- Bring charger to work (its just a USB cable)

- Set brightness to halfway (it's pretty bright already)

- At night... either charge it, turn it off, or turn off wifi, sometimes it can get quite dead.

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