Sunday, January 13, 2008

Protection. What did your parents always tell you?

Yeah, you have to use protection... for your Mac.

When I first got my MacBook Pro, I got the classic In Case black neoprene case.  I like it.  It won't protect from hard falls but for in my Timbuk2 messenger bag, it's protected from those little jolts and bumps.

But for Christmas I got a new Timbuk2 backpack that has a built in laptop sleeve.  That way I don't have to use the In Case case.

Either way, it's really important to protect your investment.  I mean, even I like that "used" look but excessive scratches are not always fun.

I also recommend iKlear and some sort of keyboard cover so your keys don't rub into your screen.  That iKlear stuff works wonders, no lie!  I'll do a review on that later on maybe.

Do you use anything special for protecting your Mac?

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