Monday, May 5, 2008

iPhone Carrier Option

I received an email late tonight (5/4) from one of my buddies. Well, he also happens to be an iPhone user. Some interesting things happened on his iPhone. I'll copy/paste his story below. I'll let him explain.  Oh, and pics and video are coming soon.  Uploading as I type.


Tonight my phone froze. And when powered back on some interesting results were there.
The photos tell it all.

Description of what happened.
A hard restart was applied.
I powered back on my phone and went to system preferences.
An item appeared just below wifi that read "carrier." The label read AT&T.
Each time I clicked it, it would bring up the thinking wheel and then it would give an error. I wish I would have got a photo of that.
I then proceeded to look for any other new stuff, but found nothing. When I finally went back to system preferences it was gone. Poof!


Update: I was able to recreate what happened, several times. The second time I got options under the carrier. There were two options, but they both read AT&T. At random I chose one of them and the phone gave an error message which then took away my service until another hard restart was applied.

I have no idea if this is news in new of if anyone has experienced this.
Speculate all you want but this is clearly some sort of testing.


sahi said...

hey even my carrier option is simply missing for some unknown reason. I'm thus not able to choose a carrier to use my phone. What do i do?..

Vithal Maddala said...

I am in Australia. I am missing the carrier option in my setting panel. I found you guys when searching in google. Was anyone able to find out what the reason was. I get the option when I change to another SIM card from the same network provider.